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Snowy Park

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Snowy Park posted by bluegnu February 12, 2009 07:29AM reply | quote
posted by bluegnu

We had a fair chunk of snow last week (well, by southern UK standards!) and managed to get out to the local park.

Taken with Composer/Single Glass/f2.8

Thanks for looking
Re: Snowy Park posted by RichB February 12, 2009 09:50AM reply | quote
posted by RichB


I really like your snow scenes from the UK. #2 and #4 are my favorites from this series.


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Re: Snowy Park posted by myksmith February 12, 2009 02:30PM reply | quote
posted by myksmith

Nice stuff - very classic feel to them. Do they look good if you add grain or a color wash (like sepia or blue)?
Re: Snowy Park posted by jankapoor February 13, 2009 06:48AM reply | quote
posted by jankapoor

#2 and #5 are my favorites, especially the panorama effect of #5.


Landscape, nature and still life using pinhole, zoneplate, Lensbaby DSLR and toy cameras; alternative printing processes including cyanotype, VDB and platinum/palladium. My website: [www.jankapoor.net]
Re: Snowy Park posted by bluegnu February 16, 2009 11:17PM reply | quote
posted by bluegnu

Thanks for the comments guys.

That's a nice idea myksmith, I haven't got any grain plugins but I'll give the colour wash a go.

Re: Snowy Park posted by lemurhouse February 17, 2009 12:28AM reply | quote
posted by lemurhouse

I like all of them, and especially the last. Like idealized memories of snowy days from childhood.
Re: Snowy Park posted by MarcInBend February 17, 2009 01:16AM reply | quote
posted by MarcInBend

I really like the mood of these images. They stir up feelings of wonder and excitement that comes with new snow.
Re: Snowy Park posted by Ol' Don May 08, 2009 05:30AM reply | quote
posted by Ol' Don

Well I guess I am really slow, but I just discovered these.

Great shots. I really like the crops on 3 and 4. Thanks for sharing.

Ol' Don

Life is expensive, but includes a free trip
around the sun!

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