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Composing and De-composing at the Botanic Gardens...

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Composing and De-composing at the Botanic Gardens... posted by ljguitar December 31, 2008 04:19AM reply | quote
posted by ljguitar

Hi all...
My goal today was to shoot more ''normal'' looking shots rather than the bizarre shots we often get with LensBabies. Thanks for looking...

We went to the Cheyenne Botanical Garden this morning with my Composer. I loaned Mark (my gigging buddy who is off for Christmas Break) my LensBaby 2.0 - and we had a good time. I used my Lensbaby Composer with f/4.0 all day.

To the point...
The reason I acquired the Composer is I'm not steady enough with the LensBaby 2.0 to keep everything still, and the focus locked in without losing either sweet spot, focus or actually shaking the camera. To there were many shots I had envisioned that just didn't happen. Working with the Composer is enabling me to frame and shoot without worrying about losing focus point, sweet spot drift etc.

Today I worked mainly with the tripod and switched out the double glass for the plastic for the last few (shots 7-9 shots here). I think I'm finally getting a handle on how this works.

1 - Broad Leaf Cactus
2 - White Orchids
3 - Little Pink Flowers
4 - Pudgy Cactus
5 - Green Coffee Cherries
6 - Bird Of Paradise
7 - Bird of Paradise with - Plastic lens
8 - Delicate White Flowers - Plastic Lens
9 - Lily - Plastic Lens

10-12 - I thought the little finger-like-sticky-up-things were parasites growing on a vine, but my wife says the little squiggly things are likely how the vines send out other vine ''grabbers'' to hang onto everything around them. I will have to keep checking in on them - but the three shots are the same plant just backing away.

Hope you are all having a good holiday, and thanks again for looking and for any comments and hints/help you add.

L a r r y J

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