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My first 3G experience

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My first 3G experience posted by artsydots December 09, 2008 01:40PM reply | quote
posted by artsydots
All right. I'm embarrassed to admit that I got my Lensbaby 3G last Christmas and used it for the first time a couple of days ago. There was a mixture of procrastination, intimidate and just honestly being too busy trying to find a source of income LOL. Anyway... I did take a few photos (maybe about 50 between to subjects, both glass paperweights). Actually, I was pretty pleased with the results considering I had never used one and it is a very different experience. Here are a few of my results.

There are a few examples of the ones that I've experimented with a bit in Photoshop/Lightroom2 at my flickr page (link below)

Just wanted to share my first experiences. I'm really hoping for one of the composers but I think it will have to wait for me to use my 3g more. I just LOVE gagdgets!!!

Artsy Dots photo-graphics-and other creations
Please visit my images on Flickr!

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Re: My first 3G experience posted by planetwrite December 09, 2008 02:03PM reply | quote
posted by planetwrite
Neat stuff. I wouldn't have thought of that. I like how the blur of the lensbaby mixes so well with the glass bubbles in the first two.
Re: My first 3G experience posted by RichB December 10, 2008 01:06AM reply | quote
posted by RichB

I love the composition and color of image #6.

Re: My first 3G experience posted by artsydots December 10, 2008 01:49AM reply | quote
posted by artsydots
Thanks! When I saw the 6th photo in my post I knew that was probably my most successful of the batch I shot. The composition and focal point were pretty well set. I tend to do a lot with lighting so I really like number 3 also.

I can't wait to make more images!

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