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Trying to decide between Muse or Composer....

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Trying to decide between Muse or Composer.... posted by kevinj909 December 08, 2008 02:38PM reply | quote
posted by kevinj909
Hey all...

I'm thinking of buying a lens baby but am torn between the fancy Composer or the basic Muse. I went to a local camera shop the other day and spend about 5 minutes with both. Right off the bat the Muse felt quick and comfortable, easy to adjust on the fly. The composer seemed great... took a little longer to adjust, but might be nice to have for locking down and fine tuning images. My goal is to not have such lensbaby looking photo's but more of a toy camera blur look.

Does anyone have any experience with either lens that might have suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Re: Trying to decide between Muse or Composer.... posted by BearWoodsDavid December 08, 2008 07:51PM reply | quote
posted by BearWoodsDavid

Hi Kevin. I think the key is this: What is your main area of photography and is the speed of setting the image critical. I do a lot of macro and landscape so hands down the Composer wins. It comes with all of the optics and apertures up to f22. I also do a lot of portraiture that I am grabbing shots. The Muse works extremely well. I ordered it with the plastic optic and the single glass for the more dreamy look. The aperture rings do not go all the way to f22 though due to probably the difficulty of focusing while compressing. If you plan to use close up diopters the Composer is much easier. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck, you will be happy either way though.

David Akoubian

"Time is a wonderful healer, but a really bad beautician" - Unknown

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