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New User posted by DarkSlide October 26, 2008 08:34AM reply | quote
posted by DarkSlide

Hello Lensbaby! I’m new here to the site, but not to photography! Finally got my hands on both the 3G and the new Composer, thanks to ScottM. I’ve known Scott for many years, and have had the pleasure to travel far and wide with him, photographing along the way. I’ve admired the Lensbabies, but felt I needed to get my hands on one before diving in. Today I had the pleasure of trying both the 3G and the Composer. (I still can’t decide which style I’d want!). We visited Travel Town, a railroad museum in So. Calif, a fun place for some close-ups. I look forward to posting more once I decide on a “baby” for myself.

Thanks ScottM for all the advice today.

Electric Trolly - w/ 3 image HDR
Union Pacific Diner - w/ 3 image HDR
Red Handle - w/ color IR PS action

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Re: New User posted by ScottM October 26, 2008 10:38AM reply | quote
posted by ScottM

with such skills you need both.
Re: New User posted by RichB October 26, 2008 11:03AM reply | quote
posted by RichB

Darkside -- you have a great friend in Scott -- doesn't surprise me, as his contributions to the LB forum are an example of his loyalty. I like your images and hope to see more.

Re: New User posted by rannestad October 30, 2008 06:41AM reply | quote
posted by rannestad

Welcome to the forum. Now hurry up and get either of them. I have the LB 2.0 too. I actually use that much more than the 3G. After getting the 2.0, I hardly use the 3G anymore. I am now excited to see how the 2.0 competes against the composer. What I want to say is, maybe you should consider the "muse" too. It is so flexible and easy to focus.

My website: [www.fotoaalborg.dk]
Blog (English): [www.retrofoto.dk]
Re: New User posted by Craig (Admin) October 31, 2008 04:26AM reply | quote
posted by Craig

Thanks for sharing these here.

I'm interested to hear more about the desire for Control Freaks versus just the Composer.


You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.
Heraclitus of Ephesus
Re: New User posted by ranfoto October 31, 2008 06:00AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Craig......the 3"G" has it's special niche ....so the Control Freak will just be a step in the right direction by expanding the number of optics one can use or in fact modify to use in special situations .

I can see where many people would want the simple Composer without all the controls .....easy Bending, but the serious Bender will still want the rigidity and the ability to fine tune his effect and focus .

Plus I like to attach some heavy glass conversion lenses on the end of my Benders .....and that's where that rigidity really comes in handy .

Since the Control Freak was not on the drawing board ....I went ahead and modified my 3 "G" so I could use other optics, then you announced the new lineup of Lensbabys......saying the Control Freak was coming soon .....dang !

I know it costs alot to produce all the different models, but maybe in the future you might configure the modular Lensbaby .....the Control Freak will become the serious Benders best friend, the others will probably be your best sellers because the total investment is not as stiff, well the Composer will become the lazy Benders favorite pal....it's just too easy to create with !

The problem for those of us that began investing in the Lensbaby line from day one is ......do we need to have so many options ? No..... but we want them, it's just the way it is .

R&D is a good thing ......the vintage LB's will never be obsolete and the new options provide new ways to create interesting images, the modular concept might just cut down on your dealers having to carry soooo much inventory and could always have a Lensbaby model for any camera body always in stock .

Now back from the future, has the dust settled on the mad rush for the Composer, the newbie Muse, and the swapper four pack ?

I hate waiting in line ....Wink !
Re: New User posted by grafphoto November 02, 2008 08:03AM reply | quote
posted by grafphoto

As much as I liked the added control of the 3G (now appropriately named! :-) ) - I still found it awkward to use at times. Now that I have a Composer, after a day of use, I think the 3G will be going on Ebay.

~ Mark

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