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Something old is new again

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Something old is new again posted by ranfoto October 06, 2008 03:19PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

My modified G is now a Freakin' "G" because I can swap lenses and control the effects easier .

Here's to fall and the end of the heat of summer .
Re: Something old is new again posted by BearWoodsDavid October 06, 2008 09:46PM reply | quote
posted by BearWoodsDavid

What all did you do to the Freakin "G"? Here here to the cooler weather.

David Akoubian

"Time is a wonderful healer, but a really bad beautician" - Unknown
Re: Something old is new again posted by ranfoto October 07, 2008 09:18AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

David.....Just before the launch of the new line of Lensbaby's.....I decided to modify my Vintage 3G, so I took it apart.....as most folks know, that's what I do .....modify my lenses .

I have been working a new macro optic, I wanted to lock it in focus, so I had my choice of using a normal bellows, my mini viewcamera, or the "G" .

The "G" has the shortest bellows of the choices, so it became the ideal candidate for this new project .

This macro optic needed some help to get infinity focus or actually to get any focus beyond a foot or so......I then had to run a few lens formulas to see how to select an optic suitable for converting from pure macro to longer focus.

This is not rocket science, but doing the math gives you an idea of concave or convex or real or whatever the optic engineers call these corrective elements .....then being a lens hacker, I go to my selection of elements to see if I have something that will do the trick to get infinity focus .

The next step is getting the spacing right between the elements, so I mock up a test sample, work out the relative distances that need movement and cut a lens housing on my lathe or sometimes the milling machine .

I've also been known to adapt old conversion lens housings or parts of hacked OEM lenses to hold these one of a kind set ups.

I suppose that's how it is with most R&D work you get a working combination then send it out for injection molding dies or let a short run CNC machine shop complete the production units for you .

A lot of folks don't know how much work is involved in making these simple lenses like the Lensbaby .....not to mention finding a great source of optics that image with some aberration that actually looks interesting when Bent.

I'm glad Craig introduced something new for us besides the Original and the 2.0, but I still enjoy pushing on in the search for interesting Optics that will Bend .

Hows that for a long winded blah blah on the subject ? :)))
Re: Something old is new again posted by pro bono October 07, 2008 07:06PM reply | quote
posted by pro bono

It's not long winded when it's as interesting as that! Thanks for taking the time to make such an informative & entertaining explanation.

It's a terrific image too! There is a sense of the focus being manifest as a vertical wave rather than anything radial or circular. As if you are teasing the viewer with focus. I hope you post some more images like this.

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