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Pool of the Stars

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Pool of the Stars posted by jbrunjes October 06, 2008 11:53AM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

A few more shots from Myrtle Beach over the weekend.
Re: Pool of the Stars posted by RichB October 06, 2008 12:02PM reply | quote
posted by RichB


#1 is really quite nice. It leaves me wondering what the stars are -- the in focus people or the bokeh stars in the pool itself. I like images that present one with some ambiguity or a bit of puzzlement. Thanks for posting.

Re: Pool of the Stars posted by themacguy2k October 06, 2008 02:29PM reply | quote
posted by themacguy2k

HA.. very cool... I really like the Ferris wheel.. looks like a star fish!

Re: Pool of the Stars posted by Keithnc October 06, 2008 09:39PM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

Another fine set. So, that is what the pool looks like in daylight.
I really liked #2 withe the umbrellas.
Re: Pool of the Stars posted by kmac October 06, 2008 11:49PM reply | quote
posted by kmac

Interesting set - like that they were taken from above. By the way - really liked the color landscape you first posted with landscape challenge yesterday.
Re: Pool of the Stars posted by jbrunjes October 07, 2008 01:59AM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

Thanks all.... Living on the coast shots from this high are rare. Can't wait to buy a Composer to make shots like this easier.

KMAC - I changed that picture at least 3 times... so I am not sure which one you liked. I couldn't make up my mind.
It is customary for the judge to post a photo to demonstrate the theme for the contest on the site that I stole this idea from. It will not be judged.
I hope everyone gets the the weekly contest idea going... It is quite fun and great source for inspiration. We all get to know each other more as well through our photos and theme ideas.
I am happy to turn the first judging over to someone else if it will improve participation.

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