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Evening walk in Williamsburg, VA

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Evening walk in Williamsburg, VA posted by PBlais August 25, 2014 11:50PM reply | quote
posted by PBlais
Went to Williamsburg, VA with the camera club to do a nice evening photo walk. Decided to shoot with babies and put on the Scout body with the Sweet 35. The first test shot didn't look bad but didn't think about it until I go home (shot 2).

Some of the subtle parts of the image just don't come through off the back of the camera. I find if I attach a Hoodman loup to the back of camera I can zoom the live view and get much more accurate focus. Getting good focus is maybe the hardest part of shooting with Lensbaby and that makes it far easier, quicker and of course more fun! I find they post process very easy. Clearly a less is more effort works best.

After a few more test shots I changed over to the 12mm Fisheye and went along. It was the first time I tried to do a whole shoot with the Fisheye and learned a lot. Controlling the distortion takes some time but I shot a few great shots and some pretty goods first time out.

Here is one of the nice ones shot at the William and Mary Campus (shot 1).

Shot three is one where I got pretty close up.

With the last shot 4 I think I started getting a lot better.

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Re: Evening walk in Williamsburg, VA posted by Kirsten (Admin) August 26, 2014 04:01AM reply | quote
posted by Kirsten

Nice job! It's fun to shoot only Lensbaby- it makes you see everything in a new way.

Kirsten Hunter
Director of Customer Happiness

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Re: Evening walk in Williamsburg, VA posted by PBlais September 02, 2014 06:55AM reply | quote
posted by PBlais
Thanks Kirsten,

It means a lot coming from you.

Just FYI, I'm so gosh darn happy I could click my heels three times. It's probably your fault!

I think going forward I'll do the same tactic and just screw on a Baby and make a whole shoot with it. "Seeing in a new way" is photography defined at it's best! I really think it helps my straight lens shooting too. Making yourself see differently is the future!

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