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I shot droplets

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I shot droplets posted by beyond_Life March 08, 2014 04:23AM reply | quote
posted by beyond_Life
I took these today with a Composer Pro, Double Glass optic and a f11 disc. So much fun!
Re: I shot droplets posted by Niefol March 13, 2014 03:42AM reply | quote
posted by Niefol
Very nice. Can you tell us about the mechanics? (what is the liquid, did you have someone standing above the dish with a dropper, etc.)
Re: I shot droplets posted by beyond_Life March 18, 2014 10:06PM reply | quote
posted by beyond_Life
Thanks for the compliment. Shooting falling water isnt hard to do. Fairly easy even. Ill explain. And im Dutch, so forgive me for my bad written story :D

Take a little plastic freezer bag and fill it with water. You can color it with food color. The more the darker. Use paint if you want to have droplets that are completely colored.

Grab a bucket, vase, tupperware container, anything to let the drop fall in to. I used a vase, about 40 cm in diameter, and completely see through. I placed it on the table outside, and on the fence behind the table (about a meter behind the tabel) i put white sheets of paper on the fence. And on the fence, aimed at the vase, I mounted my flash, wireless controled. The camera (6D) was on a tripod, with the composer pro on. I used live view and zoomed in on the screen on a wire i put on the top of the vase, to make sure i had everything sharp. After that its just punching a little hole in the plastic bag and let it drip. So when you fill the bag with fluid, drain all the air out of the bag before you tie it up. If you leave the air in, it will create a pressure if you tie it down, and all the water will squirt out when you make the hole.

If you want you van use more flashes, with different gels for excample, and place them in all sort of angles. Just try.

This would be best to do with a macro lens, because with a thing like the double glass, you have a equivelent of 50mm if im correct. So you will have to crop alot. I had too.

Oh and btw, make sure you waterproof your rig before you get started. This wil make stuff wet when you get going and its always to late when you notice it :D

Have fun.
Re: I shot droplets posted by Victoria Bell June 28, 2014 04:11AM reply | quote
posted by Victoria Bell

Ohh...I've always wanted to do this. It looks like so much fun. Love these

Victoria Bell

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