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I just Luuuuuuuve the creative discs!

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I just Luuuuuuuve the creative discs! posted by beyond_Life May 09, 2013 07:34AM reply | quote
posted by beyond_Life
A few days ago my daughter was having a lot of fun blowing bubbles. I took that change to shoot whatever I could with my Double Glass. Because my daughter has the attention span of a 5 month old puppie, I had to shoot quick. So I told her to blow bubbles over my head while I was under here, shooting up. But apparently, while blowing bubbles, stuff can drip down :-) And the composer Pro gets slippery on the ball... So I moved and started shooting. Over 400 shots were made in a little 15 minutes. Only 5 sharp ones remained. This is number 6. I used it to test some stuff in LR4. And it worked out great. Especially with the shape creative discs. They were hard to use because I kept on changing the shutter speed because you cant see what the apperture is of the disc.

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