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Composite Images

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Composite Images posted by chasmcn November 27, 2012 05:40AM reply | quote
posted by chasmcn
while out christmas shopping i made a few composite collages in a cubist style of what was going on around me .
#1 the buskers , a couple of guys one on a guitar and the other playing drums on a old suit case ,boxes and plastic tubs they sounded great

#rainford square ,tourist area of liverpool where the beatles played

#3 coming out of the white star , the white star was the emblem of the white star shipping line owners of the RMS Titanic whose head quarters where in Liverpool in this pub the Beatles signed their contract with Brian Epstien that set them onto world fame

#Christmas Walk ,in the shopping area of the Liverpool one shopping mall

apart from the buskers which is made of over 25 images the other images have btw 40to 60 images in their make up.
Re: Composite Images posted by bigtalljohn November 27, 2012 06:33AM reply | quote
posted by bigtalljohn

I'm liking the style and fresh approach to the images
Re: Composite Images posted by itsme November 27, 2012 08:23AM reply | quote
posted by itsme
those are incredible!
Re: Composite Images posted by David Morel December 09, 2012 02:48AM reply | quote
posted by David Morel

Stephen...I really like these. I have played a bit with the collages like you did, but yours a lot better! Would love to see more!

David L. Morel
Re: Composite Images posted by sr patife December 09, 2012 06:55AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

lovely. like this technique of collages. good job
Re: Composite Images posted by chasmcn December 10, 2012 12:35AM reply | quote
posted by chasmcn
thanks for the comments i have a tumblr blog just for these type of images photographic cubism

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