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Setting Lensbaby on Pentax

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Setting Lensbaby on Pentax posted by justramirez February 04, 2009 08:23AM reply | quote
posted by justramirez

I've been shooting using my baby for almost a month now not knowing that I'm not doing the right thing. I tried searching for online instructions, I found a couple that seems useful but I still have questions.

I'm using a Pentax K200D. Okay, so I set the use of aperture rings in the custom settings to permitted. That means only the Aperture Priority, Manual and Bulb modes are available. I opted for the Aperture Priority. I tried turning the adjustment wheel to match the value of the aperture disk I inserted in Lensbaby but the wheel doesn't seem to work; the aperture value can't be set! I'm still getting the "F--" on my camera. Is it supposed to be that way with the Lensbaby? Or I'm still missing something?

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Re: Setting Lensbaby on Pentax posted by JDenny February 05, 2009 01:33AM reply | quote
posted by JDenny

OK Just - It's pretty simple:

1) Lensbabys have NO electronics, thus they can't "talk" back 'n forth with the camera body. Think MANUAL.

2) Type in "Pentax" at the top of the page in the "Search" box, upper right on the page. You'll get a string of hits from other Pentax questioners that should aid you in your difficulty.

Re: Setting Lensbaby on Pentax posted by BARONDLA February 09, 2009 12:20PM reply | quote
posted by BARONDLA

Justramirez, with the Pentax on Av the camera will flash the
F in the viewfinder and on the top lcd. This is normal because the LB has no electrical contacts, or mechnaical linkages to report aperture to camera. Don't worry about it. There is no reason on av to try to match aperture in viewfinder. Put camera on av, set aperture you want on Lensbaby by installing the aperture disc into lens. No aperture disc is F2. The aperture discs may be marked on discs (newer ones). If not mark them with a pen. If you put F4 disc in the lens is F4! Put Pentax on manual focus and shoot. I find that at the wide open end F2- 2.8 some + exposure compensation is needed. The camera doesn't meter as well with lenses that lack electrical contacts. Not a problem with digital. At least they do meter unlike some other brands.
Welcome to the LB family! I use Pentax DS, K10D, and K20D.
Re: Setting Lensbaby on Pentax posted by gerardh March 04, 2009 10:13PM reply | quote
posted by gerardh
Hi Justramirez,

I'm new to this too & think I know what you mean about not being able to set the aperture, it's the same on my Olympus e410 too: I just get F-- and when I turn the wheel in Aperture mode I can see different values for the shutter speed appearing but no change in the aperture value itself, it stays --. What I've been doing to get around this is to put another lens on my body, set the aperture to what the lensbaby is set to then change back. This process makes it very tedious to change apertures (but due to the crop factor of the 3/4rds format reducing peripheral blur I generally use 2.8 anyway).

Would be nice if someone knew how to get those aperture values displaying on the body with the lensbaby attached though. I would have expected the camera to be dictating, rather than getting feedback about, the aperture values. But I suppose this is why we can't set aperture values our lenses don't allow even in aperture or manual modes.

Re: Setting Lensbaby on Pentax posted by BARONDLA March 15, 2009 12:27PM reply | quote
posted by BARONDLA

I also shoot Olympus E300 & E330. Not as versed with the Olympus (only had LB for it a week) as Pentax but here goes. Olympus has motors in their lenses to auto focus and to set the aperture. In this situation the camera does dictate the aperture to the lens. The Lens Baby doesn't have electrical contacts so the camera can't dictate anything to it. Putting the aperture disc in the Lens Baby closes the aperture down. ex: f4 on the aperture disk is the same as f4 on an Olympus lens. It is just set differently.

Your Olympus can work on MANUAL exposure (M on mode dial). To do this place aperture in Lens Baby. Spin thumb wheel (on E330 at least) until + - read out in viewfinder GOES AWAY. This is the technically correct exposure as far as the camera is concerned (cameras aren't always right)! Shoot the shot. Spinning thumb wheel to + will lighten image. - will darken image.
Olympus will also work in aperture priority mode. Set mode dial to A. Install aperture disk into Lens Baby. Take picture. Camera knows how much light is entering lens and will pick the matching shutter speed for correct exposure. You can make shots lighter or darker by using + - exposure compensation.
Olypus can also shoot in Program mode. Its not true program -since it can't set Lens Baby aperture. Camera knows this and selects the correct shutter speed.
Hope this helps.

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