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Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag?

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Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by Yossarian January 13, 2009 03:08PM reply | quote
posted by Yossarian
Just received my new composer and the optics kit. Thanks go out to Lensbabies for a fast an easy transaction to Thailand!

Now, my problem (apart from finding enough time for the anticipated fun of trying out all the new and seemingly endless possibilities these toys will give me ...) is, that the extra lenses come packed in a quite largish Plastic Dome each, so large actually stat I start to run into trouble finding space for it in my venerable Loewe Pro bag. Is there a way to store the lenses safely in a different, less spacey way? As the lenses don't come with a front and back cap, similar to the Tele and Wide angle lenses, I don't dare to put them in loose. But this must be an issue for other Lensbaby Photographers too, so I thought someone here has already found a solution.
Hey, this might be even an idea for the company to develop a holder, with only one tool, and consuming less space altogether than the three individual domes, which are almost the same size of the Lensbaby, making the Lensbaby Set consume almost the space of 4 smallish primes lenses in the bag!

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Re: Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by jWebb January 14, 2009 04:28AM reply | quote
posted by jWebb

I take a little different approach with the LB and accessories. My primary bag is a daypack type bag (Tamrac Adventure 7). Rather than trying to find a place for all the components in the LB system, I load them into a waist pack. It is small, convenient, organizes the LB into its own bag, and best of all, the waist bag acts as a support for the larger bag. This takes the load off your shoulders and lets it ride on your hips, which is the same concept as a backpacker's load carrying technique. I considered a lens bag that would hold all the components and would attach to the shoulder strap, but the waist pack seems a better solution.
Re: Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by BARONDLA January 14, 2009 01:13PM reply | quote
posted by BARONDLA

Yossarian, understand the difficulty with storage. I carry all the lenses too. Must be a better way to haul them around than the bubble cases. Haven't found it yet. Still thinking. Also would like a faster way to get them in and out of storage. The bubbles take time.
Re: Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by ranfoto January 14, 2009 02:51PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Well, you could just buy a bunch of plastic lens caps, super glue two caps together then snap two swappers end to end to store them in your camera bag.

If you need more protection then buy some pvc pipe the correct diameter for the swapper to slide inside, they have end caps also at your favorite hardware store .

Want clear pipe ? Try a plastics supply dealer .

The solutions are endless :))
Re: Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by Yossarian January 14, 2009 09:51PM reply | quote
posted by Yossarian
Im with you, Barondla. Just let us all know when the illumination hits ya ;-)

jWebb, I tried different backpacks, but they are all not what I want, and that is immediate access to my gear while on the shooting. I tried a sling bag too, didn't work for me.
An extra waist pack for the Lensbaby collection might be the way out, but considering it is only the lenses that constitute the problem, and they weight close to nothing, both in their "naked" state as well as within the confines of their bulky bubbly prison, I consider this rather over the top.
My shoulder bag, of which I have two, a large one and a very large one, is carefully chosen on every assignment, depending which parts of my equipment will go with me. In case I travel overnight, practically all my stuff including 2 Canon bodies, 6 lenses plus the Lensbaby system, two flashes, a tripod, and lots of other gear fits well into the Airport International roller bag, which is great for Airport and car travel, but impossible to use on the road, in a town, or at a hike.
Actually there are quite a few useful items I tend to leave home or in the hotel more often than not, mainly because they are too bulky to fit in the bag. A light meter comes to my mind, or an Expodisc, or some of the Light forming gear for the flash I have accumulated lately. By saving space in not carrying the Lensbaby lens Prisons I could stuff more of this sometimes very useful gear, in the bag, or external lens or waist bag.
Re: Storing the Lensbaby Optics in the bag? posted by themacguy2k August 31, 2009 08:45AM reply | quote
posted by themacguy2k

I Love the small "official" lensbaby case! I want a longer version of that with space for the LB and all the optics. I would love to see a space for the macro adapters and wide angles too. Basically an all in one case that is made for all the pieces.


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