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some of my first test shots

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some of my first test shots posted by miladymarji December 08, 2004 10:53PM reply | quote
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I hope I didn't resize these TOO small.....I posted some pix as a reply to FOTORICAN...and they didn't show up....I think, because I didn't resize them
small enough....I'm new to posting, so have patience with me...


Re: some of my first test shots posted by DavidF December 09, 2004 05:51AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Actually the first one is something like 1600 px wide. I'd like to see you make it smaller so I could view the whole thing on my computer screen. Also, can't quite figure out what the second and third images are???

Regards, David.
Re: some of my first test shots posted by andyfphoto December 10, 2004 12:01AM reply | quote
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good day milady..........you are enjoying the lensbaby by the look of it??? Thanks for mailing me the pics, I've not tried to get my cats with yet, they don't stay still long enough....odd for cats I know!

As for the resizing thing, it's dependent on which software you us how to do it, but 800 pixels for the longest side of the image and at 72 dpi should ensure it views on all but the smallest of screens. (Oh and saved at medium is good enough for screen).
Keep up the good work and enjoy the sunsets....you're obviously not in England???? We only get a sunset once a month!!!
Re: some of my first test shots posted by miladymarji December 10, 2004 12:30AM reply | quote
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HI Andy.....

No, I'm not in England...I'm in Michigan, USA......and YES I am enjoying my lensbaby....
I've missed a couple
really good sunsets this past week....LOTS of pink in the sky..

Thanks so much for the resizing info....I'll do better...but you do lose a lot
when you resize it too small...The sunset, for instance....the ornamental grasses below the sun..with the sun behind them...are so pretty...when
enlarged...and actually the best part of the photo, in my opinion

A few more pix...three of my four girls...(shih tzus) and one of rose with snow on it..


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