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Lensbaby as video lens?

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Lensbaby as video lens? posted by angelinbabel December 07, 2004 08:02AM reply | quote
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So my curiosity is majorly itching about the possability of mounting a Lensbaby on a Canon Xl1S or XL2 video camera via Canons EF Lens Adapter, anybody tried it? would the focal length issues nix the idea? who's got experience (or hell, even an interesting speculation)

here's a link to the adapter for those not familiar.

Re: Lensbaby as video lens? - Follow-Up posted by angelinbabel December 07, 2004 08:11AM reply | quote
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Canon's website indicates the adapter puts the image onto the CCD at 35MM size, so you lose most off the edges, creating a 7.5X faux magnification. Wowsers. Anybody want to speculate how this would look? how much of that could one offset with a wide angle attatchment? (wait a minute, Canon XL1s, EF adapter, Lensbaby, Wide Angle Adapter - oh baby! do I win for weirdest looking lens combination yet?)

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