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Are Pics Sharp?

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Are Pics Sharp? posted by Mark Adams March 30, 2004 03:27PM reply | quote
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How sharp are the pics with the lensbaby? I realize that most of the photo will be soft but how sharp is the point of focus? Can you see sharp eyelashes on at least one eye?
Warm Regards, Mark Adams
Re: Are Pics Sharp? posted by Craig (Admin) March 31, 2004 08:14PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Here are three images that I have posted full rez for your enjoyment.

I had a hard time finding a recent photo that I took without the Sony 0.6x teleconverter so I am posting two horizontals with the wide angle conversion lens attached which changes the size of the sweet spot, making it smaller in my experience. I am also posting one vertical shot without the conversion lens, just the lensbaby.

Using a lensbaby is such a fluid thing that, while sharp is possible on both eyes it is not always repeatable. I love getting the unexpected with mine and I have learned how to get close to repeatable (shoot a lot real fast).

Have a beautiful day.


P.S. the vertical and the super close image of the boy were taken at f4, the boy in front of the flowers was taken at f5.6.

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Re: Are Pics Sharp? posted by Mark Adams April 01, 2004 07:20AM reply | quote
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Thanks for posting the photos, they are wonderful. I'm going to order a lensbaby today, even though I wish the sweet spot was a little sweeter.
Warm Regards, Mark

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