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Wow!!! I love the composer!

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Wow!!! I love the composer! posted by Chrono1081 November 18, 2008 04:11AM reply | quote
posted by Chrono1081
A friend of mine just got the lensbaby composer and the optic kit and I got to try it out for a day and it is amazing! The lens holds perfectly and allows me to take some nice long exposure shots. I also love the new focusing mechanism. I think the plastic optic by far is my favorite because it creates the type of images I love although I haven't got to play much with the pinhole as it requires more light (and where I work we are not allowed to take pictures outside, and I live where I work) The double optic is very sharp and I love the single optic (which is what was on my first lensbaby)

Anyone on the fence about getting a composer GET IT!!!

(Sadly I have no pics to show because he had no memory card in the camera. I got to see my pics for a split second before I got the "no memory card error". )

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