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Love the Wide-Angle view

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Love the Wide-Angle view posted by MarkT December 01, 2004 03:00AM reply | quote
posted by MarkT

Finally got a break in the weather yesterday, so I got the chance to try out the .45x wide-angle converter.

Nikon FE2, F4. First image is "original" 50mm view, and second image is with the .45x converter (22.5mm) from the same spot.

Third image is the "macro" view (with the outer lens of the WA coverter removed).

Really love all the options - the WA converter brings "normal" lensbaby viewing to my Fuji S2.

Hope everyone's having a great day.

Re: Love the Wide-Angle view posted by Craig (Admin) December 01, 2004 03:11PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


You chose great subject matter to show the full effect of the converter you are using.

I am amazed at all the looks that people are able to get out of their Lensbabies based on apertures, converters, macro attachements. I never envisioned the broad range of looks that I have seen from so many great photographers using Lensbabies.

Have you been able to use your Lensbaby much on your S2? Now that you have been spoiled with all that beautiful blur on your FE2, it's got to be hard to go to a cropped frame.

Have a beautiful day.


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Re: Love the Wide-Angle view posted by MarkT December 01, 2004 11:39PM reply | quote
posted by MarkT

Hi Craig.... No really, Thank You for inventing this little gem!

Yes I've had good success with the S2, once I dusted off my trusty Sekonic Studio Deluxe II light meter! I like the FE2, not only because of the wider AOV (angle-of-view) - and it's smaller and lighter than the S2! - but the fully auto speed of shooting. As long as I'm taking a series of shots and the light doesn't change the S2 works just fine.

I've attached a couple of earlier shots taken with the "normal" LB and the S2. First two taken within days of receiving my first LB, and the third from a studio portrait session. (I hope to get a few shots this weekend with the .45x adapter and then we'll see...)

Just to share my two cents worth about future design options for the LB - have you tried that tubing they make "positionable" shower heads and flashlights with, instead of the fully-flexible plastic tubing you use now? Just a thought. I actually think the current design is the best way to go, but for those of your customers who are determined to tame the LB this just might work.

All the best to you and yours.


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