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LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by lefteye October 28, 2008 11:26AM reply | quote
posted by lefteye

And again, we are all looking for inspiration and competitions seem to get the creative juices flowing. We are continuing with the weekly challenges.

The winner gets to judge the following week. Here are the rules. Hope this catches on. I will be the judge and the winner will set the next week's theme and then be the judge for that theme. Please hold comments until after the winner is announced.

The second challenge, #4, is "SELF PORTRAIT." Use your imagination and creativity to capture the photo you feel best represents this week’s theme. Have fun!!!


Photo Submissions:

1. Camera - Any Camera
2. Time - any on-topic photo taken at any time is eligible, although photos that have won other competitions should NOT be entered.
3. Post-Processing - do whatever you like and the judge will decide if it works.
4. Posting - * ONE PHOTO per photographer in each challenge.* Photo Name in the message subject line.* Camera model & Lensbaby used.* Notes -- post brief EXIF data including ISO, shutter speed and aperture used.
6. Commenting - No commenting during challenge. When the posting is closed and a winner has been declared, comments can be made in this thread.
7. Have FUN!

One challenge every week, on the following schedule:

* New Topic - After winner is declared.
* Posting Starts - Right after topic is announced.
* Posting Ends - 9pm EST (eastern) TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2008. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
* Winner from this competition decides the theme of the next one (and judges it for a winner) after this competition is closed.


Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by jbrunjes October 30, 2008 02:08AM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

Guess I will start things off:
1d mk 3
f/2.8 (guess) & +4
ISO 100
Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by David Morel November 02, 2008 04:02AM reply | quote
posted by David Morel

Here is my attempt! Shot while playing on monkey bars with my daughter. Shot with a tripod.

David L. Morel
Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by Captured Light November 02, 2008 10:23AM reply | quote
posted by Captured Light

Bending my face. Personally, the best thing one can do with it!

LB0 (wide open, if I remember correctly)
ISO 100 (probably)
Shutter Speed: ?
Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by ScottM November 03, 2008 10:01AM reply | quote
posted by ScottM

, Tried something different. composer double glass optic f4
Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by lefteye November 04, 2008 06:14AM reply | quote
posted by lefteye

Thanks to all of you who were brave enough to take the challenge. It's pretty difficult to make a self portrait while using your hands and eyes to bend. Mirrors, composer and tripod seem to be necessary. I worked on it a bit and found it a real challenge.

So, on to the winners - or actually winner. I didn't feel it was fair to choose 3 winners of only 4 entries.

ScottM - the baton passes to you for the next challenge. You've won. It's a striking portrait that says much about you.

jbrunges - congratulations on having the guts to go first, I love the detail of your watermark in reverse on the mirror!

David -I really liked this composition - the curved shape of the sweet spot, the curved bar and your compressed shoulders - all pointing to your face which has another curve in its upside down smile. Sure wish the slide wasn't there. But the ball adds humor.

Captured Light - Great moody portrait - truly love it.

Thanks again to you all. It's been a great experience.

Re: LENSBABY SPEED CHALLENGE #4 "SELF PORTRAIT' posted by leanncannon November 04, 2008 07:14AM reply | quote
posted by leanncannon

I thought this closed at 9 pm EST?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/04/2008 11:40AM by leanncannon.

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