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First LB images

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First LB images posted by joe moore November 28, 2004 10:07AM reply | quote
posted by joe moore
First images. My wife and son. MInolta Maxxum 7
Re: First LB images posted by Craig (Admin) November 29, 2004 02:36PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Looks like scans from film so I assume it is the Maxxum 7 film body not the 7 Digital.

For Maxxum owners considering a Lensbaby did you have to set a custom function for your Maxxum 7 to fire with your Lensbaby? A few Maxxum owners have been unable to fire their cameras without a Maxxum lens mounted. If you solved this problem, could you walk Minolta users through the requirements?

The second image showing your son and wife, her way out of focus, him in focus, is a great example of the selective focus available with a Lensbaby.

Have a super day.


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Re: First LB images posted by joe moore November 29, 2004 07:37PM reply | quote
posted by joe moore
Mounting a Lensbaby on th MInolta Maxxum 7 will generate an error message. Minolta has designed their cameras not to fire the shutter unles the attached lens is securly locked on. There may be some type of electrical connection between camera and lens as the camera does not recognize the Lensbaby.

If the user goes through the "Custom Function" menu found by opening the door below the rear deplay and push the "Custom" button, they may cycle to funtion #16 and turn off the shutter release lock. This will allow them to play with their lensbaby.

I also have a Maxxum 9, but haven't tried the Lensbaby on that camera yet. I would assume that it works the same way, other then the Custom Funcitons are operated through the door on the side of the camera. I will confirm that for you this weekend. I have a Minolta 7 Digital DSLR on the way, and will post some results when I get it to confirm operation.

I'm a long time Minolta user, so feel free to send me any questions.

joe moore

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