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first LB shots

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first LB shots posted by Anonymous User November 22, 2004 01:52PM reply | quote
posted by
Walking in golden gate park in san francisco we came across a tree that someone had hung all these origami cranes from.
Nikon d70, 11/14/04, 2:13pm, f2.8, iso 200, 1/800sec

Infrared Lensbabie while driving down Hugo St. and 3rd ave
d70, 11/10/04, 5:30pm, f2.8, iso 1600, 89b Infrared filter, 1/125 sec
Re: first LB shots posted by Craig (Admin) November 23, 2004 08:51AM reply | quote
posted by Craig

I'm green with envy. I want your infrared D70.

Can you change out your filter to be an 87 or maybe even an ultraviolet filter instead?

I've been contemplating opening up one of my D70s and removing the hot mirror but replacing it with a clear filter with a similar refraction index to keep the focus accurate. I'd place filters in front of the shutter using some unknown fastening devices that would allow filters to be easily interchangeable. Your reference to using an 89b filter made me curious whether or not you have a fixed IR filter or not.


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Re: first LB shots posted by MarcoF November 23, 2004 03:42PM reply | quote
posted by MarcoF

Craig, where do you get the notion Adrian removed the hot mirror?
a digital camera is by itself sensitive for IR, so just using a 89b (or 87 if you're into long exposures) filter is sufficient.
at last, my 37mm filter I bought for my coolpix years ago can now be used on the LB.. although focussing is hell :) but who need focus anyway :P

Just get a Kodak DCS 420IR for IR work :)

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Re: first LB shots posted by Anonymous User November 23, 2004 08:44PM reply | quote
posted by

I have not modified the d70.

I'm tempted but will wait until I get a second digital camera. Removing the built-in hot mirror filter is suppose to make the d70 20 times more sensitive to IR but throws off the white balance not to mention the warranty. For now, I will just live with longer exposures.
interesting how-to:

I have tried some UV images (B+W 403 uv black filter) with the lensbabie as you can imagine it is difficult to see what you are doing without any visible light. --need stay-put lensbabie for this ;)

I will post something UV later

This reminds me does the lensbabie have any optical coatings or any cemented lens elements? (I hope not -they block UV)

san francisco

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