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Difficulty Gettin Hang of Focusing

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Difficulty Gettin Hang of Focusing posted by mysticchyna November 20, 2004 09:03PM reply | quote
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Hello. I got my lensbaby. I am having no problem actually holding it, moving it around back and forth, in and out, side to side with my left hand. I actually have MORE control of it that way...BUT>...i'm having a bear of a time finding the "sweet spot". I'm using the f5.6 disk. It's just really hard....any tips? And how close *can* I get to a subject? Cuz I"ve seen some close shots and I'm a close up freak.
Please help.

Re: Difficulty Gettin Hang of Focusing posted by Craig (Admin) November 21, 2004 06:27AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Check out the "Using a Lensaby" link above and notice that thumbs of both hands are behind the camera. This gives you have something besides your nose to pull against when you compress your Lensbaby.

I use two fingers on my left hand, middle finger on my right. This gives me 360 degrees of tiltability and some reference as to all directions I may have tilted my Lensbaby (using just two fingers on my left hand makes it hard to tell what direction the left/right tilt is going in).

To get a bearing on what is square to the focusing plane I start by pulling the lens in all the way and then gradually release it straight out knowing that the sweet spot will be in the center of my frame when I get to the right front/back focusing distance. Once I have my subject in focus in the sweet spot in the center of the frame I place my subject where I want it and follow the subject with the sweet spot by tilting in that direction. A little tilt goes a long way.

I would recommend working, at least while you get the hang of the focus, at f/2.8 or f/4 rather than f/5.6. F/4 is my favorite aperture these days as it allows for a great deal of edge blurring but eliminates most of the diffusion that keeps the sweet spot from being as sharp at f/2.8. Sometimes the diffusion is what I am after but I have not changed from f/4 in weeks.

Regarding close focus you should be able to focus at around one foot with little or no pulling on the back of the focusing collar. Don't be afraid to push your Lensbaby away from your camera to acheive closer focus. A good tug won't damage your lensbaby (within reason, of course) and, while pushing the front of your Lensbaby away from your camera body, you should be able to get down to 8 inches or closer. Close up lenses with a thread of 37mm will get you closer without pulling and the first wide lenses that we offer on our accessories page ([lensbabies.com]) has a built in macro lens (unscrews from the back) that allows you to focus as close as 1 inch from the front of your Lensbaby.

Hope you start creating rewarding photographs soon.


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