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My First Baby Pix

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My First Baby Pix posted by andyfphoto November 09, 2004 01:58AM reply | quote
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I got the lens a few months ago but didn't get to use it until last weekend when I went for a walk on the local (35 miles) beach. I was instantly hooked as I had the ability to shoot how I see digitally. No more lugging about the Fuji Gx680 for it's movements.
I was so taken that I used it on a produvt shot the other day in the studio for an LED headtorch company. They love it too.........all of a sudden everyone's happy.......now to buy the close/wide thingy.
Thanks Craig.....genius at work!!!

obvious but true - photos copyright: andy farrington 2004

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Re: My First Baby Pix posted by Craig (Admin) November 10, 2004 03:18PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

That all-bokeh first image, graphic, nice.

Did she get taken out by the wave? Looks cold.

Best grass shot I've seen all week. Seriously, great grass, love the color, focus is right on the money.

Looks like you are having fun.

Would love to see more.


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Re: My First Baby Pix posted by andyfphoto November 10, 2004 05:09PM reply | quote
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Craig, thanks for the kind words.......the 'baby' has really opened up a new sphere of creativity. Digital can be a little 'sterile' sometimes I feel, but the products ability to produce a truly unique and un-reproducable image is worth it's weight in gold! (or cocaine...whichever is more expensive these days).

You must be immensely proud of your achievement and it's place in image making history is defining itself as we speak.
One of the best aspects for me n the UK, (conversely the worst from your point of view) is that not many people know about them, so it gives me the edge.....for the moment anyway.

I look forward to posting more, I used it on a commercial job again yesterday and the results are first class.

Many thanks again,


PS On the West coast of England, UK we rarely get waves and the tide was out in the shot.......the lens has pulled in the sand ripples and the sun, (it was there, honestly) was just glancing off, so no danger. I'll post another which shows what I mean... A thousand words etc.....
Re: My First Baby Pix posted by miladymarji November 16, 2004 04:19AM reply | quote
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I've just heard about this lensbaby.....what do you mean by close/wide thingee? Is there more to get besides the lensbaby? It sure does look interesting

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