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Fascinating... posted by mr November 05, 2004 06:30AM reply | quote
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Hi all,

I've read about the Lensbaby somewhere and now I happened to stumble into the site. And even if I'm used to getting fascinated when encountering new groups of photo afficionados, this time I got maybe even more fascinated.

- Fascinated by the selling price for the product that I can't find a decent picture or description of.

- Fascinated by people's fascination of this little thing and its results.

- Fascinated by the fact that "good" apparently is such a subjective word - because after soon having looked through all the posted images in this forum, I've still only seen three of them that were really good.

In my opinion.
But the URL still goes into my Favourites. :-)


Re: Fascinating... posted by FretNoMore November 05, 2004 05:10PM reply | quote
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It's all in the eye of the beholder... it's something new so maybe it will take some time for people to learn how to use it to its fullest.

On the percentage of "good" pictures - however you define that - what percentage of "normal" pictures posted on the web do you find "good"? Higher, lower?

Personally I find all Lensbaby pictures posted here more intriguing and interesting than the majority of "normal" ones on the 'net. It's probably not for everyone though, especially in the current wave of 100% crops and pixel perfect sharpness. The Lensbaby to me is more about art and emotion, and having some fun in the field.

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