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receiving error message posted by RVGP November 03, 2004 11:45PM reply | quote
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Hi Craig,

I am a commercial Home and Garden photographer shooting for several magazines (unfortunately in the same region) and purchased the LB for the Canon to help differentiate my work between the magazines.

I am using a Canon D-60 and although the LB works fine attached directly to the body, when I attach it to my 2x converter (Tamron pro) I get "error message 1". The manual says to turn the camera off and back on. My understanding was that the LB would work with a 2x as well.

So my question is how do I get the 3 items to work together? I thought the contacts on the 2x might be touching the LB and maybe a piece of electrical tape might disrupt the contact.

Have you heard of any such problems?


Re: receiving error message posted by RVGP November 04, 2004 12:03AM reply | quote
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Sorry I have another question. I have a .48x conversion lens from a Canon G-3 point-n-shoot but the thread size is closer to a 48mm or 52mm.

My question is this... by using step down rings to get the lens to fit the 37mm thread size of the LB am I giving up any of the wide angle-ness of the conversion lens? Would I get better, wider, results from an actual 37mm conversion lens you sell?

Re: receiving error message posted by Craig (Admin) November 04, 2004 01:51AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


The reason for your error is that Canon lenses trip a mechanical switch that tells the body to look for electronics. Since the contacts on your teleconverter are mainly for passing through information, your camera will not fire when an EOS lens is not mounted to the other side.

The problem with your converter can be solved by backing your teleconverter off a little bit from the fully locked on position. If you do this, use a piece of tape to make sure the converter does not fall off completely.

One note about teleconverters that mount between your Lensbaby and the body, they only show you the central part of your image, thus cropping out the majority of the Lensbaby effect. A 37mm threaded auxilary telephoto lens that mounts to the front of your Lensbaby will give you the full Lensbaby effect including a small sweet spot of focus.

Regarding the G3 .48x lens, you should be fine using it on your Lensbaby. Only issue is going to be weight. Be careful of leaving it on your Lensbaby when not in use as it will stretch the bellows out and, if they stay bent in that position for a while, the bellows will stay bent. Be careful with that and try not to keep it bouncing up and down on your Lensbaby when around your neck as it may effect the tubing adversely as well.

Whether it is a screw-on adapter or the way you store your lens, anytime you leave your Lensbaby in a bent or stretched position the tubing will tend to remember that position. It should continue to work fine but the relaxed position may be something other than square to the focusing plane.

Have a beautiful day.


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