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Just Ordered My Baby

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Just Ordered My Baby posted by Dion828 October 25, 2004 10:42PM reply | quote
posted by Dion828
I went to the Lensbabies booth at the Photo Expo on Thursday and decided to buy one today. I have a quick question about the apertures, though. I have a Nikon N65 and was reading that the lens comes w/ 3 aperture rings. Do I have to adjust any settings on my camera or is that taken care of when I put in whichever aperture ring I want to use?


Re: Just Ordered My Baby posted by Craig (Admin) October 26, 2004 02:18AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Your N65 has no metering capabilities with your Lensbaby.

You need to shoot in manual mode using either a handheld light meter or extimating your exposure based on the amount of ambient light. Film boxes used to have instructions on this.

At the bottom of this web page there is a chart of manual exposures based on 100asa film shooting:


Your three plastic washers (two came on the key chain) give you f4, f5.6, f8. No plastic washer with the rubber o-ring installed is f2.8.

I would suggest that you find an effect, based on the aperture in use, that you like (f2.8 has a much more impressionistic look than f5.6 or 8) and stick with it. Fast changes of apertures is not a current option with a Lensbaby.

I anticipate that with a little practice your Lensbaby will become a fun way to produce unique images.

Have a beautiful day.


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