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buying a lensbaby

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buying a lensbaby posted by rudy October 18, 2004 05:15PM reply | quote
posted by
im really interested in the LB...just wondering if it is compatible with an eos 5?
Also how do i know what shutterspeed to use with respect to the aperture?

hope you guys here can help me out...seeing your photos really makes me wanna get the LB right away!

Re: buying a lensbaby posted by Craig (Admin) October 19, 2004 01:55AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Quite compatible.

Your EOS 5 should give you aperture priority metering. Meaning, when using the Lensbaby, that whatever light comes into the camera is used to determine the shutter speed.

Play around with exposure compensation. Canon DSLRs are purported to overexpose a bit but I don't know about film cameras. C-41 negatives will give you some extra lattitude here too.

Have fun with your Lensbaby.


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