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One more from the Studio

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One more from the Studio posted by Guchot October 06, 2004 12:45AM reply | quote
posted by Guchot

A few weeks ago, I asked a friend of mine for a "Lensbay-Only" session in the studio. On Monday it finally took place. Again, I found it hard to get the focus, much harder then on shootings with natural light. I used the F4 ring and slowed down the flashes as much as possible but it was still too much light and nearly all the pictures where overexposed. Then I used a polarization filter to gain two more F-stops. The result was that the viewfinder was getting so dark that it was nearly impossible to catch the focus. At the end, I used the F8 ring but that cuts off a lot of the lensbaby effect. Maybe on a fulframe digital camera its different but I use the Canon 300D, which is a 1.6crop camera and therefore cuts the edges of the pictures.
This picture finally was made with F8, 1/200 and a frontal flash.
Greetings from Cologne, Germany
Re: One more from the Studio posted by Soopah October 07, 2004 06:53AM reply | quote
posted by
Very nice! Can't say I really care for that pose, but it works. Do you have her sitting on some plexi glass?

Re: One more from the Studio posted by Guchot October 07, 2004 10:21PM reply | quote
posted by Guchot

No plexiglas, sorry. Just plain white paper background. One frontal flash for the model and one behind to overexpose the background.
Re: One more from the Studio posted by miladymarji December 11, 2004 12:42AM reply | quote
posted by

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...as I think that pic is AWESOME...and I LOVE the pose......

Also, about the f8 cutting off some of the effects of the LB...I like SOME
sweet spot showing....all out of focus doesn't do a thing for me.....I'm going
to do some practicing with the f8 with my granddaughter...and dogs...
Not a photographer...but LOVE shooting...

Sorry about the late comments...but I just got my lensbaby and am going
thru the postings to see what others have done..


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