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Lensbaby in Dubai

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Lensbaby in Dubai posted by Kiwisue September 15, 2004 09:06AM reply | quote
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Hi - just back from one of my first excursions with a squidgy little lensbaby, and the reactions are worth a photo themselves.

These photos taken at the camel souk are with one of the smaller aperature rings so not so much distortion, but this lens is great therapy. just having trouble focusing as I am a die-hard focus lock snapper so the little boxes on my Canon 10D aren't working for me anymore and just get in the way.

Have just p'shopped them and run a sepia action.

Cheers, Sue
Re: Lensbaby in Dubai posted by DavidF September 15, 2004 11:29AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Sue, thanks for sharing. I think I often overlook the smaller aperture rings in my quest for the Lenbaby "look" but sometimes subtle is better. I find focusing manually a challenge, more so since you have to hold the lens in place along with the camera. I have mine mounted with a step up ring so I can use my 58mm filters and cap -- even when I don't use filters, this creates a small nook for my fingers that offers me better control of the lens.

By the way, what's a camel souk? Like an oasis?

Re: Lensbaby in Dubai posted by Kiwisue September 28, 2004 10:06PM reply | quote
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Hi David
Great idea - thanks! I find I do keep getting hold of the wrong part of
the lens so that would help out. I have just left the smaller aperature
ring in and don't like to change this over while out and about for fear of
losing any of the bits and pieces. I agree with the smaller aperatures, It
is less of a lensbaby look.

Souk is the word for market and I have attached a lensbaby pic of the most
popular of all after the spice, fabric, perfume souks - the gold souk!

Usually I pretty much concentrate on portraits but I have really taken a
liking to using the lensbaby with candid street scenes. Have just been
browsing through some previous images and find the lensbaby images make
some of the regular scenes look quite 'flat'.

Cheers, Sue

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