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Just a couple of images

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Just a couple of images posted by clickclickzoom September 13, 2004 12:01PM reply | quote
posted by

Hello All,

Received my luvverly Lensbaby just over a week ago after seeing a review of it in 'Black & White Photography' magazine here in the UK. If I've done this correctly, there should be a couple of images enclosed as part of this message which I thought I'd share with the Lensbaby team and other photographers on this forum.

The first 'Grasses.jpg' used a shutter speed of 1/20 and 'Grasses 2.jpg' was 1/45. Both images were taken using no washers at all, so I'm not sure what the aperture would work out at - F/1.4ish?


Re: Just a couple of images posted by DavidF September 13, 2004 12:58PM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Craig, these are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Did you shoot film or digital?

Re: Just a couple of images posted by Craig (Admin) September 13, 2004 02:15PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Works out to f2.5 without the o-ring in. Just don't lose that o-ring!

Great images.

Hope to see more.


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Re: Just a couple of images posted by clickclickzoom September 13, 2004 02:20PM reply | quote
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Hi David,

Thank you for the compliment, it's very much appreciated. I was going to go into more technical detail about the pictures on my original post, but I got sidetracked by the TV!!

These were both captured as RAW files on a Canon 10D Digital SLR, before being converted to 16 bit TIFF's through Phase One's 'Capture One Pro' software to give a nice meaty 35-ish Mb file each.

The original colour files were then opened in Photoshop CS and converted to Monochrome through 'Images / Calculations'. Using 'Red' and 'Blue' as the source colours with a 'Multiply' blending mode gave me the basic dark image I envisaged.

The images were then converted to an 8 Bit grayscale through the normal 'Images / Mode / Grayscale' option and then a previously saved tritone applied to give a typical 'lith' style colouring but without the huge grain associated with normal darkroom 'lith' prints.

Finalised by applying a very slight curves adjustment layer to brighten things up a little bit (the conversion to monochrome using the 'Calculations' method often leaves a very dark picture) and then applied a feathered border on a new layer.

I'm not overly satisfied with the 'lith' colour as it's not turned out exactly as I originally wanted - In fact it's hardly 'lith like' at all. I'm not displeased but maybe a straight B&W print with a very slight hint of blue would be better. I've printed one of the images above off on my Epson 2100 on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper and I'm not blown away by it at present so I'll have to do some tweaking I think. I've just about ran out of ink now though so it'll have to wait till payday....


Re: Just a couple of images posted by stevdeer September 13, 2004 10:04PM reply | quote
posted by stevdeer

love the low contrast. here's one from my liverpool folder


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Re: Just a couple of images posted by stevdeer September 13, 2004 10:06PM reply | quote
posted by stevdeer

oops, here it is
Re: Just a couple of images posted by clickclickzoom September 14, 2004 12:22PM reply | quote
posted by

Thank you to all that commented thus far.

Steve, I really like the photo you posted above - I often veer towards dark, abstract, spooky images just like yours in my work (such as it is).

I've been playing around with another image I took earlier this evening of a couple of spindly 'lil flowers in the garden and a rough draft should be below. Not quite finished yet though, still got a few things I want to try out - Incidentally, the JPEG compression has made the grain and tonal changes a bit harsher than they actually are on the full .PSD file on my PC but you'll get the idea....


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