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Lensbabies at Night

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Lensbabies at Night posted by LSmith September 05, 2004 08:02PM reply | quote
posted by LSmith

I love the soft impressionist feel when taking long exposures at night...and I love the funky shapes that city lights are blurred into by Lensbabies...if you haven't ventured out at night with your "baby" you're missing out on an adventure!

Re: Lensbabies at Night posted by slowpic September 06, 2004 12:50AM reply | quote
posted by
Hi Lisa,

thanks for sharing your night session pics. The
big one is my favorite one - it has a "dream
potential", i.e. it leaves most space for my thoughts,
no need for explanation at all ... :-)

Have you used the 2.8 aperture for this one?

Regards, SlowPic

Re: Lensbabies at Night posted by LSmith September 06, 2004 05:47AM reply | quote
posted by LSmith

I'm sure I used 5.6 on all...jut various degrees of focus and exposure time...all "on the fly" though...we were literally running through crowds in Vegas, squeezing in where we could where the light was nice. Everything is handheld- no room for tripod. So glad you like the dreamlike quality- that's definately something I see and seek when I'm shooting at night...I really get into it and lose all sense of time and surroundings and suddenly the sun rises. (or my subject says "hey- I'm a little tired.")

Here are a few more from same night different light- only available.

Sweet "dreams" with your Lensbaby


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