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Another first results with my lensbaby post

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Another first results with my lensbaby post posted by cre8unique September 05, 2004 06:48AM reply | quote
posted by cre8unique
I got my lensbaby this morning, and this afternoon I've been having my first play. When I realised that the flexible tube into which the lens is mounted wouldn't stay in position I was worried... but it turns out that this isn't a problem at all. It's very easy and intuitive to control with your middle fingers while you keep you index finger on the shutter release. You can see more shots in my Lensbaby gallery:


I can't wait to play some more!

PPS These pictures were all taken with the f4 aperture ring

PPS The spare rubber aperture rings came in very handy to stop the wine bottle from rolling... the lensbaby is a very versatile peice of kit LOL

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Chris Osborne
Re: Another first results with my lensbaby post posted by Craig (Admin) September 07, 2004 08:09PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

The apples shot is perfect. Could not be a better subject matter for your Lensbaby. The effect on the wine is subtle but nice. Talk to me on the water dish (?) what are you going for there? Seems to be good shape and shadows in an abstract image.

Have a super one.


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Re: Another first results with my lensbaby post posted by cre8unique September 08, 2004 01:53AM reply | quote
posted by cre8unique
Thanks for the kind comments Craig. I guess I was just trying to create a nice subtle abstract image with the white dish. I guess a lot of my photographs tend to the dark and low key, so sometimes I deliberately try to create high key images.

Here is a new version of the apples picture which a set of curves applied in Photoshop designed to mimick the effect of cross processing.

The second attachement is a picture created with the f2.8 ring (ie no ring). I like the very impressionistic effect created by the wide aperture and I think it is the f4 and f2.8 settings I'll be playing with most.

Chris Osborne

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