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Lens Comparison Wedding Details

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Lens Comparison Wedding Details posted by LSmith September 01, 2004 07:30PM reply | quote
posted by LSmith

Hi, I thought some might like to see a comparison of same images shot w/ Lensbaby and another lens so I made a point to do this at a recent wedding.

None of the images are altered. All shot w/ Canon D60. I really like LB artsie feel for wedding details and album page backrgrounds. Try shooting a little lose as if for print to leave room for text (or composite images) No need for gradients or gausian blurs- LB does it better. I'll try to design a page layout soon for an example and post it.
Anyone have any cool composites using Lensbaby images as a design element?

Re: Lens Comparison Wedding Details posted by Craig (Admin) September 01, 2004 07:46PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Thanks for the comparison. I do use mine for a lot of detail images. Great subject matter because it sticks around for five or six frames and some chimping to make sure I am getting what I am after as far as sweet spot placement/focus accuracy, etc.

Did you shoot them with the same white balance as your Tamron? Seems to be different lighting between the two.

Glad you are loving the LB effect over PS effects. I too would love to see a composite application if anyone has one they can post.

Have a stupendous freaking Friday.


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Re: Lens Comparison Wedding Details posted by LSmith September 01, 2004 07:53PM reply | quote
posted by LSmith

Yes- same white ballance- cloudy day...just facing different directions...of course the can be colormatched pretty easily in Photoshop....I knew someone would catch me on that..just wanted to leave them unaltered.

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