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Canon 10D question

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Canon 10D question posted by paul_g August 27, 2004 03:43PM reply | quote
posted by paul_g
I remember this question being asked but I never saw an answer. If I'm using my Canon 10D in manual mode, I know that the shutter speed setting may be trial and error (or I can meter using a hand-held meter) but should the aperture of the camera be set the same as the aperture ring that I have the Lensbaby set for? In other words, if the Lensbaby is set for f2.8, should I set my camera's aperture for f2.8 as well?

Thanks in advance,

aperture is fixed I think posted by DavidF August 27, 2004 03:58PM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

As I understand it, the lens is totally manual, so there really is not adjustment of aperture settings, aside from that "built in" to the lens.

I use Tv setting, so I can adjust the shutter speed along with whatever the fixed aperture of the lens is. However, I re-read the lenbaby booklet last night and realized that they recommend Av or Manual, not Tv mode. I'll have to try that one (and quit giving wrong advice to people).


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Re: Canon 10D question posted by Guchot August 27, 2004 11:34PM reply | quote
posted by Guchot

I Have the 300D mysels but I think its the same with the 10D. When you put the Baby on your Camera, you can't choose a F-Stop at the camera anymore. In the Display you will see that the F-Stop indicator shows 0.0
The camera only meters the available Light that comes through the Lens and use this to calculate the time. In my case I mostly have to set the Exposure Compensation on -1 or even -2 to get a correct exposure.
Thats at least how I understand it and I hope its correct ;-)
Re: Canon 10D question posted by Craig (Admin) August 28, 2004 12:51AM reply | quote
posted by Craig

You should not have an aperture readout on your 10d when your Lensbaby is mounted, just a couple of dashes (or 0.0, I don't remember) where the aperture value might otherwise be.

That said, you should be able to match a +/- readout by changing you shutter speed.

Whatever aperture you have installed, the camera is reading only the amount of light entering the mirror box and metering for that.

Have a groovy one.


P.S. I did not see you post Guchot before saying the same thing as you, thanks jumping in there.

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Re: Canon 10D question posted by paul_g August 28, 2004 04:36AM reply | quote
posted by paul_g
Thanks Guchot and Craig. The help is much appreciated.


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