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Hello all

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Hello all posted by frostbyte August 20, 2004 07:30PM reply | quote
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Hello all from Northern Canada

I had received my Lensbaby today and shot about 200 plus images with it on my Canon D60 today.

With the 1.6 crop factor the lens equal out to a 80mm equivalent as compared to the 50mm on a 35mm frame camera.

From landscape to portraits, I tried shooting a little bit of everything to see what this neat little lens could do.

A big bonus for me was to learn the that my Lensbaby has a 37 mm filter thread on it as I have a carry over of various close up, ND and a crosshatch filter from one of my earlier digital cameras I had owned. Can't wait to experiment more.

I'll post a few samples of some of the images I captured today.



really like the flower posted by DavidF August 23, 2004 09:10AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Ed, thanks for posting. I really like the flower -- a "true" lensbaby image, in that there sharp and soft focus areas in the same plane of focus on the flower. What aperture settings did you use on these?

Re: Hello all posted by frostbyte August 23, 2004 03:29PM reply | quote
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Hello Dave

I used f5.6 on the landscape and portrait and switched to f2.8 for the macro flower.

Thanks for taking a look at my images.



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Re: Hello all posted by DavidF August 24, 2004 08:38AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Thanks for response Ed. Your landscape shots look like they are from an arid part of the world, is that correct?

Re: Hello all posted by frostbyte August 24, 2004 09:03AM reply | quote
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Hello David

These landscapes were shot at a small natural sandpit area, but vast major surrounding land up here is rocky and we're in the start of the Canadian Shield area.

I live in Yellowknife Northwest Territories.


Re: Hello all posted by sherryp August 26, 2004 05:47PM reply | quote
posted by
I also like your flower picture, and was wondering how you did it? I am new to lensbabies and have not ordered one yet. Did you use the 1.5x telephoto conversion lens accessory? I am especially interested in doing macro-type images with a lensbaby.


Re: Hello all posted by frostbyte August 26, 2004 06:38PM reply | quote
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Hello Sherry

Sadly, my digital camera exif file states all blank about with lens and focal lengths were used with my lenbabies images.

I don't remember is I had added one or any combo or the set of three TIFFEN macro accessory lens filters for that image My TIFFEN set contains the following magnification ratios 1+, 2+, or 4+ and I did try them all out that day.

Used in various combo you can get a 7+ extra magnification ratio on top of the lensbabie itself.

I had snapped two hundred plus photos during that one session and wish I could give you the exact details to that image alone.

I know the lenbabie by it self has various apertures and I suspect the 2.8 one was used and maybe one of the TIFFEN filters also.

It's a fascinating little lens and the fun to cost ratio alone was the biggest selling point.

I had gone through all of the forum and visited any and all list web galleries and now just have to find my niche with the lens.

My stronger image interest lies in people shooting and seeing Craig's wonderful people shots has inspired me so much to.

My next purchase will be the wide angle conversion lens.

I hope I help shed a little light on your purchase decision, remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee too.


Re: Hello all posted by frostbyte August 26, 2004 06:57PM reply | quote
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Hello Sherry

The nice boys and girls from the lensbabies staff have posted some new links to some great reviews about the lensbabies lens from other photography sources.

Here is this sites link to the reviews - [www.lensbabies.com]

A couple of the reviews have posted some great sample images from macro flowers to landscape.

I recommend visiting them all.



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Re: Hello all posted by miladymarji December 11, 2004 02:35AM reply | quote
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Thank you so much for your posting...I know it's been awhile ago,
but I just got my lensbaby a couple weeks ago...and have been having
MUCH fun....and reading and re reading other postings.
But before seeing your posting..I had no clue to use one of my Kenko
extension tubes.....I used the 20 mm...and the f8 LB ring , and LOVE it...I don't think I NEED the .45 conversion lens for macros, now..

Attached are a couple of shots...let me know what you think....?


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