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nikon d-70 posted by sap August 01, 2004 10:05PM reply | quote
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Using a D-70, manual settings, images Dark, shot indoors, even with plenty of available light. With flash over exposed. Additional recomendations? Special settings in the Custom Menu setting? thank you
adjusting exposure for La Babe' posted by DavidF August 02, 2004 06:49AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

For my Digital Rebel (which would work for your camera as well), I use Tv (shutter speed) mode. I pick a speed, take a shot, see how it looks (too light, too dark, just right?) and adjust shutter speed accordingly. Because the Lenbaby is manual, it is not "talking" to the camera about auto exposure settings. You have to experiment and set them yourself. I suppose you can also use Manual mode (and maybe Aperture mode). I think the bookley that comes with the Babe talks about this.

Regards, David.
Re: nikon d-70 posted by Craig (Admin) August 02, 2004 01:05PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

In order to get more light to your sensor start by switching out your aperture to f4 or f2.8. The effect of f4 is strong but eliminates a good deal of the diffusion experienced at f2.8. The diffusion can be desireable but can keep focus from being achieved as quickly as you might at f4. F4 is my new favorite.

As for flash issues, what flash are you using?

If you are using the on camera flash go into the custom settings menu and change the flash mode to manual (this only affects the pop-up flash) and the amount of flash power you want. Adjust this up and down to increase and decrease you exposure. As you increase/decrease your distance from your subject you will need to adjust your flash output (or your ISO) accordingly.

If you are using a shoe mounted flash such as the SB800 with an A mode, change your flash mode to A and use the + and - adjustments on the flash to change the f-stop that the flash is exposing for until you have a good exposure. You will not need to adjust your flash to get that same exposure regardless of distance, assuming that you are not too far from your subject to get enough light out of your flash for the scene. If you are bouncing your flash just make sure that you have enough of a relfective surface (wall, ceiling) to obtain proper exposure.

If you are experiencing underexposure try bumping up your ISO to 1600 and see if you acheive a proper exposure at this ISO. If your image is still dark, decrease shutter speed until you get a properly exposed image.

Note on modes to shoot your D70 in: The Nikon D70 will only work on Manual mode which it sounds like you are using.

I hope all of this helps. Let me know if you need more help.


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