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lensbaby discovers people ;-)

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lensbaby discovers people ;-) posted by elfi August 01, 2004 01:31AM reply | quote
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... and once more exploding sunflowers

I'm loving it ... :-)

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Re: lensbaby discovers people ;-) posted by Craig (Admin) August 02, 2004 08:24PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Great group of spontaneous moments in the collage.

Love the subject matter on the sunflower shot. Only distraction is it seems to be a bit back focused. Is that something you are experiencing even when it looks like what you want is in focus? What camera are you using.

I look forward to seeing many more.


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Re: lensbaby discovers people ;-) posted by elfi August 02, 2004 10:36PM reply | quote
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I'm using nikon D 100
normally I get focused what I want to... if it does not move ;-)
I think here it was the wind participating in the creative process...

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