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In The Cut posted by jkast82 July 28, 2004 10:10AM reply | quote
posted by
Apologies if this topic has been raised before.

I currently work as a professional photo printer and freelance 35mm (motion picture) Camera Assistant when I get the work.

At work today I came across some pictures that fascinated me, they had the exact look I was after trying to achieve after seeing the film 'In The Cut'.

I spoke to the lady who brought her pictures in to be printed, and she told me she used a 'lensbaby' and that I should try visiting this site.

After seeing the results, this is exactly what I am after, but I am wondering if anyone knows how the look was achieved for this film (In The Cut). Was it done digitally or using a similar device to the lens baby?

Any interesting info would be great


Re: In The Cut posted by Craig (Admin) July 29, 2004 02:50PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

I've never seen the film. Sounds like great images in a moving picture though.

Lots of interest by motion picture photogs in a Lensbaby for their industry.

Maybe you can help me here. What is the image area size? Can you focus through the lens while filming? What focal length is "normal"?

Looking forward to hearing more.


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