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...now in color

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...now in color posted by juvand July 11, 2004 09:44AM reply | quote
posted by juvand
I'm glad that you liked my B&W gallery. In mean time I was playing with color and finally found tonality that I like. I created new gallery (http://members.shaw.ca/juvand4/) with almost the same photos from B&W gallery but just in color. I have dilemma which one is better and I would appreciate if you tell me which one you like better: B&W or color. Thanks in advance.

old B&W: [members.shaw.ca]
new color: [members.shaw.ca]
Re: ...now in color posted by Craig (Admin) July 11, 2004 07:28PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Thanks for reworking them for us.

I think the color palette you chose fits the mood of your images well. The black and whites pull me in and keep me pondering your photographs a little longer than the image in color.

You've captured some powerful moments, period. You'd have to do something more distracting than post them in color to make them anything but great.

Have a super duper day.


You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.
Heraclitus of Ephesus
Re: ...now in color posted by Nikon_Warrior July 13, 2004 12:12AM reply | quote
posted by
Color by far...the mood is right and your images spark emotion, the shots of the kids are on point...I really enjoyed your gallery...
Re: ...now in color posted by jongin July 13, 2004 07:04AM reply | quote
posted by
Thanks a lot for your posting, Darko.
Lovely images with emotional impact. The two cars are really interesting to me. What kind of secret did you use for the overall color casting? filter in camera or was it done in photoshop?


Re: ...now in color posted by juvand July 13, 2004 10:16AM reply | quote
posted by juvand
Jongin, I adjust color balance in PS until I got what it looks right for me, but you can also do that through levels and curves by selecting particular color instead of RGB.

Re: ...now in color posted by DavidF July 17, 2004 11:14AM reply | quote
posted by DavidF

Thanks for posting these, though many I like as well or better in B/W.

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