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Beware of Kenko conversion lenses/filters

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Beware of Kenko conversion lenses/filters posted by Craig (Admin) July 08, 2004 11:46PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

For those in search of the perfect conversion lenses please be aware that Kenko uses its own thread pitch which is not the industry standard for 37mm filter threads. This means that while Kenko threads are the same diameter as your Lensbaby filter/conversion-lens/lens-cap threads, the Kenko threads are more coarse (one revolution per .75mm) than your Lensbaby's threads (one revolution per .5mm).

You can use Kenko adapter lenses and they will probably stay on but know that they will cross thread if you screw them on too tightly and they will probably go on less than one full turn if you do not screw them on too tightly risking your valuable conversion lens falling off or the threads being damaged if any trauma occurs to your otherwise super-durable Lensbaby.

This has not happened to my knowledge but I wanted to get the word out about the potential for problems with Kenko conversion lenses and filters as there seems to be a growing interest in wide angle and telephoto auxiliary lenses.

I have found no other manufacturer that uses anything but a .5mm thread pitch on their 37mm accessories and I have tested dozens of manufacturers' accessory lenses and filters.

Have a super day.


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