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What all do I need...?

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What all do I need...? posted by Nikon_Warrior July 04, 2004 03:53AM reply | quote
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I own a D2H and D1X and was wondering, what wide adapters work for my sytems, I'd like to get down to an 18-20mm...Thanks!
Re: What all do I need...? posted by Craig (Admin) July 05, 2004 10:04PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

An 18mm is going to be tough with a wide adapter.

A 0.42x converter would be your best bet on going super wide as this adapter is even wider than the multiplication (division?) would suggest. The Raynox 0.3x converter is very expensive and, while a very high quality piece of glass, it does make your 50mm Lensbaby a 15mm as you would think it might but is closer to a 25mm which is just slightly wider than what I can get with the Raynox 0.5x converter.

I am testing other brands to make sure that we are offering the best teleconverter options when we make them available through Lensbabies.com.


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