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Wide angle adapter damage Lensbaby?

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Wide angle adapter damage Lensbaby? posted by mediahound June 22, 2004 10:17AM reply | quote
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i have the Sony wide angle adapter and have generally been keeping it attached to the Lensbaby all the time. i have noticed that the Lensbaby bellows are getting looser as time goes by. ie, bending the Lensbaby takes little to no effort and putting the camera down on a table with the wide angle on, bends the Lensbay downward. is this ok for it? are the bellows durable enough or should i take more care?
Re: Wide angle adapter damage Lensbaby? posted by Craig (Admin) June 22, 2004 02:52PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

I experienced something similar just today when using my wide adapter. I left my camera with my Raynox 0.5x adapter attached, bending the bellows down while the camera sat up straight. When I went to take pictures this morning the bellows held their shape, pointing downward slightly even without the adapter attached. My bellows, however, are not any more flexible than they were when I started using the lens.

My remedy is to not leave my lensbaby in a bent position. Putting my camera on its back with with the lens and adapter pointed up seems to eliminate the uneven stretching that is possible with one of the larger wide adapters.

Please keep us posted on your loose bellows. If they loosen too much we'll replace them for you.

Have a super day.


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