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first picture.. but waiting for my lensbaby

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first picture.. but waiting for my lensbaby posted by miel June 19, 2004 10:22AM reply | quote
posted by
My prÈ- lensbaby picture,
From Dirk, my good friend, a fast try out of the lensbaby and I was surprised. This is a fine 'digital art brush', a creative lens. I hope to experiment this weekÖ waiting when the postman rings (sure not twice, Iím home) , for my lensbaby.
Compliments for this fantastic idea and engineer work!
Kind regards,
Miel Pieters

more pictures at galery 'experimenten'.
Re: first picture.. but waiting for my lensbaby posted by Craig (Admin) June 19, 2004 10:59AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Hope your postman gets you your Lensbaby soon. Looks like you will put it to good use. I look forward to seeing more.

Your images are tiny in terms of bytes for the size of the photo. Are you using a special jpeg compression program to get them so small? I use iView to convert image files I have sized out of Photoshop to get a more compressed jpeg but it is tedious and I'd love to get a Photoshop plugin that could

Have a super day.


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Re: first picture.. but waiting for my lensbaby posted by miel June 19, 2004 02:08PM reply | quote
posted by
Hi Craig,
The system I use, (learned from Dirk) is by photoshop:
Start to record an action.
Image size; reduce by 10% step by step.
Next: arrive at about 800*530 more or less.
unsharp mask 300% 0,3 and 5 (or 150 1.5 and than make a choice)
Than image ready. 50kb.
My daughter this afternoon: 35kb
Fuji S2 at 3megapixel! Not maximum resolution.
If you mail me the size of your pictures I can send you an action.
Question and suggestion: can you thing to create a ëwide angleí Lensbaby? Dirk put in front of his Lensbaby a Sony wide angle from his video.. but this is not easy way..

Sorry, my English is not so fantasticÖ
So hopeful waiting for the postmanÖ
Thanks and please mail if you want more info.
Kind regards,

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