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Bracket in the works?

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Bracket in the works? posted by Sam Bennett June 14, 2004 12:13PM reply | quote
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Got my Lensbaby a few days, and so far think it's great! However, it clearly will be frustrating when trying to work a bit more quickly due to the reliance on a sound constitution. ;)

So my question is - is there any sort of bracket in the works for those of us who drink maybe a bit too much caffeine, or otherwise lack the dexterity to get the desired amount of control? I can see fashioning something myself, but this seems like a logical next step for the engineering staff at Lensbabies, or even a third party.

Thanks for the great product!

Re: Bracket in the works? posted by Craig (Admin) June 15, 2004 08:49PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Word has it that a couple of Lensbaby users are playing with string and velcro to get their babies to stay put. A modification that keeps the spontaneity while assisting you caffeine addicts to maintain focus for 1/60 of a second sounds like a good goal.

In the meantime you gotta love the fact that every shot is unique!

Have a super one.


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Re: Bracket in the works? posted by Sam Bennett June 16, 2004 05:26AM reply | quote
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Craig -
Yeah, the uniqueness is cool. But for work where you're actually "on the clock" but also want to be creative, it would be nice to have a bracket so you can spend less time blowing shots and more times doing good work. Having both options would be great, since the more "freeform" approach really does break you out of pre-established habits which is probably the reason people buy these in the first place! :)

Here's a few I've taken so far...

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