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From my first roll...

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From my first roll... posted by ChuckEye June 06, 2004 07:00PM reply | quote
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Saturday I went to one of Dan Burkholder's workshops and he had a Lensbaby. I hadn't ever heard of them before, but was instantly smitten. Bought one off him, and there are some shots from this morning on my page. (They don't seem to want to upload using phorum for some reason... Sorry to have to direct you elsewhere to view them, but comments here are appreciated.)


Re: From my first roll... posted by Craig (Admin) June 09, 2004 08:14PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

Wow, that is a great first few images.

Seems like you went into the images with the Lensbaby effect in mind. What strikes me about all three is that they would be strong shot straight. The Lensbaby makes them sing.

A workshop shot below from a Kubota digital bootcamp a few weeks ago.

Thanks for sharing. More please.


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Re: From my first roll... posted by ChuckEye June 11, 2004 09:03PM reply | quote
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Definitely went in with the Lensbaby in mind. It was actually the last possible day of studio time in a 16 week advanced commercial class that had put me through my share of 4x5 hell. Using the lensbaby was an appropriate way to rebel against the rigors of the view camera, yet achieve a similar effect simply and cheaply. The mop shot quickly replaced another image in my final portfolio of 10 images for the semester. Can't wait to get the comments back from my teacher later this summer...

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