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For Pentax

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For Pentax posted by ednita212 May 12, 2004 09:04AM reply | quote
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You know what would be great?
A Lensbaby for my k-1000

Even better would be one that would work on the K-1000 AND my Digital Rebel!
Re: For Pentax posted by Craig (Admin) May 12, 2004 12:47PM reply | quote
posted by Craig

We just shipped our first Tmount based lensbaby with a Pentax K mount.

This option should be in the shopping cart in the next week or so.

Tmounts are available in EOS mount, however, the EOS Tmounts that we have gotten our hands on use a much larger threaded insert than every other Tmount we've seen which use an insert a little larger than 1.9" versus over 2" for the insert in the EOS Tmount.

Your best bet would be to buy a Tmount based Lensbaby for your K1000, purchase a seperate screw mount Tmount then buy a screw mount to EOS adapter such as this one at Adorama: [www.adorama.com]

Complicated but, in theory, doable. The only probable drawback is that the screw mount rear opening is smaller than any of the other mounts and would possible cause vignetting on a full frame sensor. This may not be an issue as I have not tried it yet.

Focal length is close to 65mm on the Tmount version to allow for the additional backfocus required on these mounts.

Have a fantastic day.


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Re: For Pentax posted by ednita212 May 13, 2004 06:10AM reply | quote
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Thanks for taking the time to respond so quickly, and thanks for the great tip!!!

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