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first timer posted by photoboy May 11, 2004 03:43PM reply | quote
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hey craig. it is my first time buying a lens and i am wondering what to buy. i have a canon rebel ti. i was looking through your forum and thought that your lens would be great in adding flavor to my photos. i am a student that is taking photography in high scool and i am thinking serious about photography.what do you think? should i buy it or start with a regular lens for now???
Re: first timer posted by MarcoF May 12, 2004 01:22AM reply | quote
posted by MarcoF

Excuse me for dropping in, but I would advice to purchase a "regular" lens as well.
The Lens Baby is a very nice speciality lens, but I wouldn't recommend using it for _every_ photo.
A nice -regular- 50mm lens is a good starting point.

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Re: first timer posted by photoboy May 12, 2004 08:35AM reply | quote
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well, i do have a lens that i use all the time. it came with the camera( i think its a 28-90). i was just looking for a "fun" lens to use for accent shots. by the way i dont mind you dropping in at all! anyone who will help me is welcome to!
Re: first timer posted by Craig (Admin) May 12, 2004 08:40AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Do you already have a lens for your camera and are wanting another?

I suggest you not buy a Lensbaby as your main lens.

It totally depends on your style how much you might use a Lensbaby. If you are shooting fine art images exclusively and the Lensbaby turns out to be compatible with how you see the world you may use it all the time.

Most photographers, including myself, use it as a tool to have on hand when the subject matter screams "Shoot me with your Lensbaby!"

Training yourself to hear the screams is the key and will come with time.

Have a beautiful day.


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