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stuck washer

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stuck washer posted by joni May 04, 2004 06:05PM reply | quote
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Craig or Sam - 911!

I have a washer stuck and am too afraid to ram the stick through to get it out...I don't want to scratch or hurt my precious lensbaby. Have any ideas? Can I bring it by the studio sometime tomorrow or Friday?


Re: stuck washer posted by Craig (Admin) May 04, 2004 09:56PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Do not hesitate to insert a corner of the pick into the middle of the aperture (I am assuming that by washer you mean the hard plastic aperture, not the rubber o-ring) to pull it out. You cannot scratch your Lensbabies optics with the pick as the pick is plastic and therefore much softer than the glass lens.

Inserting a piece of tape and pulling it out that way may do the trick as well.

If these suggestions don't help do call before bringing it by. I will be at home tomorrow (Thursday) with the kids so you can always just pop it by the house. Call first there too.

Have a beautiful day.


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