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lens for a beginner?

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lens for a beginner? posted by kannekearns@yahoo.com November 28, 2013 12:20AM reply | quote
I have a Rebel EOS SLR and I would love one of your lens' but I am an extreme beginner. I love taking shots of the kids and nature (beach, flowers, etc) and would like something that adds an artsy edge to my photos. Can you recommend a lens for someone just starting out? Thanks!

Kimberly LaFayette
Re: lens for a beginner? posted by Joe Nation December 10, 2013 06:19AM reply | quote
posted by Joe Nation

Personally I'd recommend the Composer (or Composer Pro if your budget will stretch). It's a little easier to use than the Muse or Spark as you can lock the bend in place; this means you can concentrate on each part of a shot - composition, focus, camera settings - in turn.

The Spark is certainly a great way to play around without breaking the bank, and there is something fun about the freeness of it.

I would suggest you stick to the later Optic Swap lenses (Muse, Control Freak, Composer, Scout and Spark), so you can take advantage of things like fisheyes, pinholes and different focal lengths.
Re: lens for a beginner? posted by ranfoto April 04, 2014 03:48PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

As long as you love the part about the "artsy edge" that's what you get with Lensbaby optics....they blurrrr everything except in the sweetspot ....the only part that has any sharpness .

Most beginner photogs are not ready to deal with all the blurred edges, so they give up on art making with their new Lensbabies .

But those that finally see the light through their new optical Baby will get the picture with lots of trial and err'
pun very intended .

Good luck and have fun !

My pick for the artsy edge would be the Edge 80, it's not cheap ....but it delivers artsy very well as compared to the "Blurrr Master Optics" that most of us have learned to love over time .

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