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Does Lensbaby have an adapter ring?

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Does Lensbaby have an adapter ring? posted by knippalex November 25, 2013 05:03AM reply | quote
posted by knippalex
I bought a lensbaby for my Pentax camera a couple years ago but then I upgraded to a Nikon and was wondering if Lensbaby had a adapter ring?
Re: Does Lensbaby have an adapter ring? posted by sr patife November 25, 2013 05:57AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

Lensbaby doesnt have, but you can easily find those on ebay

Nuno Caldeira
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Re: Does Lensbaby have an adapter ring? posted by Joe Nation November 26, 2013 05:19PM reply | quote
posted by Joe Nation

If you can get hold of a cheap Nikon-mount lensbaby, you can easily swap the mounts with a small Phillips screwdriver. I picked up a cheap Composer with the wrong mount, then kept an eye on Ebay for a Muse with the right one (Pentax in my case). I could've sold the Muse for the same as I paid for it, but it fits my wife's Nikon so we kept it, not that she uses it much. Not sure if Lensbaby will sell you a new mount plate on it's own but you could ask.

PS "Upgraded" from a Pentax to a Nikon? If you say so... :)

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